Adam Silver: NBA could eventually reseed in conference finals


NBA commissioner Adam Silver has three major talking points on 1-16 playoff seeding (rather than the current system of 1-8 seeding by conference):

1. He likes the idea of it.

2. He doesn't feel bound by the tradition of an East vs. West format.

3. Travel is a big impediment. Not only would there be more playoff series between teams farther away, the regular-season schedule would have to be balanced and therefore include more games between teams currently in opposite conferences.

(An important point I think Silver doesn't raise nearly enough publicly in regard to a balanced schedule: That'd mean more away games that start at 10 p.m. for Eastern Conference fans and more away games that start at 4 p.m. for Western Conference fans. That can't be good for TV ratings.)

The NBA commissioner added another consideration in the debate.

Silver on ESPN:

A balanced schedule wouldn't be necessary with this setup. The semifinals would either be fairer and produce a better NBA Finals or have the same matchup we'd get in the current system.

Even more importantly, this could pass.

As fun as it is to debate the optimal postseason format, there's no way enough Eastern Conference owners (at least five, necessary to create a two-thirds majority) approve. They want to protect their eight playoff spots and guaranteed Finals spot.

But what if Eastern Conference teams were still guaranteed eight playoff spots and two semifinals spots? That be enough. The Rockets and Warriors - two Western Conference teams - are the NBA's best this season. In coming years, it could be the 76ers and Celtics - two Eastern Conference teams. That's far more variable than which conference is stronger throughout.

If teams in championship contention feel the very top of their conference will be weaker than the other conference, they could resist. But that still leaves contenders that don't feel that way and non-contenders that want the additional shared revenue a better NBA Finals would generate.

That's a plausible path to 20 yes votes and something we should take seriously.


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