A $22,000 Trip To Antarctica And 19 More Purchases People Absolutely Don't Regret

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So much personal finance advice focuses on saving and being prudent in how we spend our hard-earned bucks. There's definitely super-sound wisdom in saving for an emergency fund or for an unexpected opportunity, and that advice should by no means be negated. But it's also a fact that spending money is fun.

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Plus, squirreling away all our money or putting every penny toward boring adult necessities and bills can lead one to living a joyless, deprived existence. And you know what happens after that? We might spend irresponsibility in a much more major way. Saving up for a fun splurge can work like a pressure release valve that actually helps you stay on track.

So we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their all-time favorite splurges that they would do again if given the chance. Here's what they had to say:

1."New York Comic Con tickets! We live within driving distance of the city, so it's only the tickets - no hotel or airline tickets. My little brother and I go every year. This is the first year we won't be broke college/grad students, and the tickets are usually around $220 each. When you're only working part time, that's a lot of money! He owed me the money for his ticket for over five months. But it's something we look forward to every year (eight years so far), and we've never regretted going."

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2."My new car. I bought a RAV4 in June 2021, for a number of reasons - at least half in case there would ever be a need to evacuate for a hurricane. My two cars before it were both 18 or19 years old at the time I traded them in. My dad was kinda nervous about me spending so much, and guess what? Two months later, we had to evacuate for Ida. Eleven-hour drives both ways. The old car wouldn't have made it."


3."Legos. I know it sounds weird for an adult, but hear me out. My fiancé and I needed something to do during quarantine that would entertain us and get our minds off of COVID and politics. We started buying Lego sets that intrigued us. After my first Harry Potter set and his first Technic car, we were both hooked. Now we have probably close to 50-60 sets between the two of us. About one weekend each month we go to the Lego store, then sit home and watch bad movies while we build what we bought. It's become a great activity for us to share."


4."My MacBook. It's my holy child. I'm with it 24/7, and it's my pride and joy. Sure, you may have your baby, but can your baby stream, edit, and do anything else? No? Then let me have my perfect bundle. I spent more on it than I make in a few weeks, but it's my rock, and if anyone took it away from me I'd be sunk."

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5."My trip to Antarctica. It was my last continent, and I saved for 10 years. I did a tour, and it was worth every penny. Between gear, flights, and the trip it was around $22,000. The scenery, the quiet, and, of course, the penguins. Just an amazing place. Saving up to go again!"


6."A trip to NYC in December. I had been before, but going at Christmas was just magical. Seeing the iconic tree, the Rockettes, and shopping at the Christmas markets gave me so many happy memories. It was only a year before the pandemic shut the world down, so I really cherish it now."


7."For Christmas, my fiancé and I dropped $500 at a fancy Japanese grocery store. We're always living paycheck to paycheck, so we decided while the holidays are around we'd make the most of it. It was so nice to be able to buy whatever we wanted and treat ourselves to yummy food all day."

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8."Definitely my PS5. Being able to pay for it myself instead of having to HOPE someone was able to get it for me as a gift was a really nice feeling."


9."Right before the pandemic, we bought a $700 Breville espresso machine. One of the best decisions ever. Then the pandemic hit, and every day, when we sit down with homemade lattes, we thank our lucky stars."


10."Tiny, routine name-brand splurges. My parents raised me with the notion that the cheap stuff does not clean like Dawn dish soap, and the Bounce dryer sheets are the only ones that'll keep away mice. Also the good tissues!!! When you're sick, the difference between a coarse store-brand tissue and a Puffs tissue is night and day, and your nose won't get as red."

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11."I splurged on a $50 raincoat at Disney (it has all the Disney dogs and cats on it ????), and it makes me so happy whenever I see it. Plus it's been useful to have a raincoat!"


12."I've done a few splurges that I don't regret, but one I was thinking about the other day was laser hair removal. I did my underarms and legs. Totally unnecessary, but one of the best things I splurged on. It's awesome not to have to think about whether or not I've shaved before getting dressed in the summer. Just not having to worry about it is the best!"


13."My $125 Columbia boots and $150 Columbia winter jacket. Having proper winter gear in the Pacific Northwest is essential, and layering three pairs of socks and five light layers of shirts just wasn't cutting it. I just couldn't move with so much on. Both the shoes and jacket will last me for years and keep me toasty warm."

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14."My cousin's fiancé decided to propose to my cousin, and wanted her family to be there. So at the last minute we had to buy plane tickets to San Fran. Them babies went for like $550 (mind you this was during the pandemmy), so we were used to plane tickets being like $40). Anyway, I bought that ticket so fast despite how much it hurt my pocket, and I have no regrets. I got to witness a beautiful engagement that made my heart so full. I did however have to spend the next six weeks delivering for Uber Eats because I had bills to pay, ???? but it was soooo worth it."


15."A $100 per person fancy dinner and cocktails with friends for New Year's. We had initially planned a trip to Toronto, but canceled due to the holiday surge of COVID. (Delta was surging in our area in addition to Omicron growing.) We got our money for the rooms back and decided to spend it on a fancy dinner instead so we could still get all dressed up. My friends and I are recent grads or still in college, so spending $100 on one meal is a lot for us. But it was 100% worth it while we were all finally home together again for the holidays (we were all boosted and tested prior to getting together)."

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16."We bought a Peloton over the holidays, and it's been worth every penny - completely eliminates barriers going to a gym (time to drive/park, waiting for the equipment, and effing COVID surges), so our family can work on losing the weight we've put on comfort eating and drinking for the past two years. The instructors and programming are super-high quality too! Only wish we'd done it sooner."


17."Spending twice as much on my current car than I spent on my last one. It was still a used car, but the peace of mind that comes from not worrying about it breaking down constantly is totally worth the $280 a month payment to me."

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18."I love to cook, but I HATE washing dishes. So I bought a portable dishwasher for under $500. Best purchase EVER!! I hug it every once in a while."


19."A really nice Dyson vacuum. Cordless. Great for animal hair. It was my first big purchase after moving out. It's been three years, and I use it every week. When you're in a small space especially, vacuuming makes everything seem cleaner. No regrets."


20.And finally, "Tickets to see Britney Spears in Vegas! With airfare, hotel, and concert tickets, it was around $250. Totally worth it though! Especially since it may be the last time she ever does a concert. So glad I went. Worth every penny. Oh, Vegas was pretty fun, too, turns out!"

Britney Spears performing on stage
Britney Spears performing on stage  

Got another favorite splurge? Let us know in the comments.

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